Linking multiple Customer Portal accounts

DescriptionLinking multiple Customer Portal accounts


In order to have multiple accounts linked to 1 Customer Portal user they all require to have the same master user.

How to link accounts

When a new account has to be linked to an existing account the following steps can be followed:

  1. Use the same mail-address as the existing account in the username
  2. Browse to '' and accept the pending invitation
  3. Login to your account. See Linking multiple Customer Portal accounts

If you are a new customer it is advisable to use the same mail-address as you use for other entity's

This mail-address is used by our Order and Delivery team to setup

If you have access to an account and want to link it to another account you have to change the master user.

First a regular user has to be created for the new master user. After activating the regular user it can be promoted as new master user.

How to link accounts by changing the master user

Example: NL12341234 is attached to user and DE56785678 is attached to user

We want to change the user of DE56785678 to 

  1. Log in on the Customer Portal user to DE56785678.
  2. Create the regular user on DE56785678. See Linking multiple Customer Portal accounts 
  3. Activate user on DE56785678.
  4. Log in on the Customer Portal user to DE56785678.
  5. Promote user to master user of DE56785678. see Linking multiple Customer Portal accounts

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