Server down or unreachable


Checking for life signs

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the PC you are working from is online.

  • Did you get a maintenance notification via email? There might be scheduled downtime.
  • Check our Network Operations Center for any planned or unplanned interruptions.
  • Try to ping the server, perhaps it is just a service (httpd) that has halted. Note that results may not be reliable if you're using a firewall or when your server is running Windows Server.
  • Does SSH / RDP remote access work? (see: "logging in to your server")


To receive updated information on maintenance or outage, you can subscribe to our Network Operations Center with your email address.

Remote troubleshooting

If there is no maintenance or interruption, and your server is still unreachable, you can perform a remote reboot from the LeaseWeb Customer Portal. Depending on the configuration, it can take up to 15 minutes for you server to boot. If a fsck/chkdsk is forced, it might take even longer.

If your server is still down after 30 minutes, you can attempt to reboot it into Live OS through the LeaseWeb Customer Portal, and investigate it yourself.

If all else fails

Please create a support ticket so that our engineer can check the physical server. LeaseWeb will attempt to handle such tickets with high priority.