Reinstalling server with Software Control Panel


Reinstalling your server using the customer portal

Perform the following tasks to reinstall your server using the LeaseWeb Customer Portal:


A reinstallation will wipe all your current data.

  1. Log into, and click Bare Metal Servers > Overview.
    This provides a list of all the servers
  2. Select the server that you want to reinstall, and click "Manage".
    The Server Management screen displays.

    If a reinstallation is already in progress, the "Reinstall" icon with the "Start" link will not display. Once the current reinstallation is complete, the icon will display again, and you can click the "Start" link to request another reinstallation.

  3. Under Remote Management tab, click "Start" to reinstall the server. 
    A pop-up window displays where you can select the operating system or control panel that you want to reinstall with.

    Ensure that pop-ups are allowed in your browser.

  4. Select the operating system and/or control panel.

    For operating system, if you are switching to Windows, you will be billed for the Windows license.

    If you are adding a Software Control Panel, you will be billed for the control panel license.

  5. Select the partitioning of the server, and click Proceed.
  6. Server reinstallation will start.
  7. The reinstallation process takes approximately an hour to complete. Once complete, you can view your new login credentials under Server Management screen (for your server ID), and then click Show under Server Information.
  8. In the Server Details screen, under the Credentials tab, click Show to view your root password.

When server reinstallation fails

If the server reinstallation status reflects as "Failed", or the reinstallation takes more than an hour, please contact us at, or create a support ticket via the LeaseWeb Customer Portal.  

As a security measure, support will not take these requests over the phone. We recommend that you raise a ticket for making any change to the server.