Installing servers using your own PXE boot environment


Installing servers using your own PXE boot environment



LeaseWeb offers customers to install a dedicated server using their own PXE boot environment. This way an installation can be performed with specific Operating System versions that LeaseWeb currently does not offer or OS versions that are customized.


LeaseWeb uses an DHCP/iPXE boot environment to install dedicated servers. We now have the option for customers to list, create and delete their own DHCP leases. With creating the leases it is possible to send your own boot file name using the API or customer portal, as well as  boot server details (DHCP option 66 and 67) and DNS server IP address using the API.

This way it is possible to hook your LeaseWeb bare Metal server to any automated installation platform (like TheForeman, FAI, Cobbler and others). LeaseWeb provides the network details, although optionally you can set your own nameserver(s) to use during installation. In all cases the primary public IPv4 address of your server is used.

How to

To fully understand the functionality of iPXE boot and explore the functionality, has extensive examples and documentation for creating boot environments.

To make use of this feature you will need to have your own HTTP infrastructure and provide the URI to the iPXE instructions. The version of iPXE LeaseWeb uses supports HTTP.

To tell us the location of your iPXE instructions, you can use the an API call to specify the bootFileName to

For more details how to use the LeaseWeb API, check

POST /v1/bareMetals/{id}/leases
X-Lsw-Auth: 4e7d4f2d-e683-4192-a113-61dad6ac9a15


Or you can click the  action on your server's management page in the customer portal:

When you reboot your server, the DHCP server will instruct your bare metal server to boot using that boot file name.

Example ipxe configurations:





 initrd         BCD
 initrd    boot.sdi
 initrd boot.wim


For more information on how to boot into a Windows installer refer to the documentation at

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