Control Panels


Professional webserver control panels available with Leaseweb.



All our control panels will provide you with the LAMP solution stack. Please note that not all control panels are compatible with the different operating systems. Please see the table below for compatibility details.

Availability matrix (for automated installation on Bare Metal servers)
OS / Distribution cPanel Plesk
Linux / CentOS Yes (64-bit only) Yes
Linux / Debian No No
Linux / Ubuntu No No
BSD / FreeBSD No No
Windows Server No No

Some combinations are supported by the Control Panel vendor, but not by Leaseweb. In such cases, the control panel can be installed manually. On each control panel vendor's website, documentation is available for manual installation.

Availability matrix (for Virtual servers)
OS / Distribution cPanel Plesk
Linux / CentOS Yes Yes
Linux / Debian No Yes
Linux / Ubuntu No Yes
BSD / FreeBSD No No
Windows Server No No

cPanel requires requires a 64-bit installation.

Control panels are not available for Virtual Servers with less than 2 GB of RAM, and are thus available for models M, L, and XL. Also, DirectAdmin is not available for the Virtual Servers.


LeaseWeb does not offer Control Panel as an option with Cloud Servers, as our Control Panel suppliers do not support their software on a virtual network configuration. However, you can install a Panel software on CloudServers yourself at your own discretion.

cPanel, and WHM

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cPanel / WHM is considered to be one of the most popular control panels. It has an abundance of features, and if any feature isn’t there, you will most likely be able to get it as an add on. You can add unlimited number of domains. Using cPanel / WHM with Fantastico as auto installer makes it very easy to set up a website with just a few simple clicks.

Accessing WHM

By default WHM accepts HTTPS connections on port 2087. Type the URL in your browser in the following format:


User name: root
Password: <supplied by LeaseWeb>


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One of the unique features with Paralells Plesk is the possibility to customize the UI. The entire control panel is expandable, stable, and can be enhanced with a few clicks. One of the advantages of Plesk is the licensing structure, starting with 10 domains, then 100, and unlimited.

Plesk is the only panel that also supports Windows with IIS and ASP.

Accessing Plesk

By default, Plesk accepts HTTPS connections on port 8443. Type the URL in your browser in the following format:


User name: admin
Password: <supplied by LeaseWeb>

External references

cPanel and WHM (Web Hosting Management):
Parallels Plesk:

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