Reseller Partners

Stimulate more sales when you sell LeaseWeb products and grab a larger market share. This simple, no commitment, revenue-based program helps you grow and differentiate your business while also building customer demand and loyalty.


Reseller Partner Program

Aimed at volume or wholesale resellers and hosting providers, the program delivers major benefits to your business.

The following financial benefits will apply in the different tiers:

MRR € (Monthly Reccuring Revenue)

Monthly Fee Discount Setup Fee Discount
Tier 1 500-1,999 5% 10%
Tier 2 2,000-4,999 8% 20%
Tier 3 5,000-9,999 10% 35%
Tier 4 10,000-19,999 15% 50%
Tier 5 20,000-39,999 20% 75%
Tier 6 40,000+ 25% 100%

  • Extra discounts can apply for quarterly, semi annual and annual payments.
  • Standard pricing is based on monthly payments.
  • No commitment applies to all services although some specific solutions are excluded (e.g. Private Racks or Private Cloud)

Reseller Benefits

The following benefits will apply to the different tiers:

Marketing Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
MDF (proposal based)

Marketing Collateral V V V V V V
Partner Program branding V V V V V V
Data center visits

PR/Case study

Partner Program Certificate V V V V V V
Partner Locator V V V V V V
Support Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Onboarding/Online Training V V V V V V
Seminar training

Special promotions V V V V V V
Proof of Concept

Grace Period V V V V V V
Service Level Agreement Bronze Silver Gold Gold Platinum Platinum
Seeding Options V V V V V V
Dedicated Account Manager

Knowledge Base V V V V V V
Post Payment


The following table lists the benefits in detail:

Marketing Description of Benefits
MDF (proposal based) As part of their annual business planning, Specialized Resellers can request market development funds for activities designed to drive lead generation and sales opportunities. These activities must be aligned to LeaseWeb's goals per market, geography and industry. Marketing Development Funds are on proposal basis.
Marketing Collateral Product and marketing collateral and templates designed to enable partners to develop presentations and campaigns focused on LeaseWeb solutions. We can also provide speakers and collaborate on content for partner-led webcasts (the partner is responsible for webcast expenses and promotion).
Partner Program branding Partners may use the relevant LeaseWeb Partner logo and certificate to market their hosting/CDN expertise and relationship with us.
Data center visits Our data center facilities provide partners (and their customers) with an exclusive opportunity to understand the full range of LSW solutions and how they apply to specific business and network environments. As well as learning about the breadth of our solutions and joint offerings, partners and end customers get to meet senior LeaseWeb executives and have our technical people talk to theirs. Briefings, customized to meet the partner’s specific objectives, give a glimpse of new technologies and exciting developments on the horizon.
PR/Case study

We will support partners with specific PR actions such as:

  • Endorsement quotes from management.
  • Joint press releases that qualify as an industry first or provide true added value to LeaseWeb's business and/or programs.
  • Case studies for partners based on their customers’ success stories.
Partner Program Certificate Partners may use the LeaseWeb certificate to market their expertise and their relationship with us.
Onboarding/Online Training

A course which includes training modules outlining the basics of the LSW Partner Program and how to get the most from it. The two most important areas to focus on in partner onboarding are:

  • business process - to connect the partner’s sales and marketing engines with ours.
  • product selling - provides the roadmap for solution selling. 

The onboarding training can be delivered online or face to face.

Special promotions Partners can benefit from online promotions and add their discount on top of any online offering we make. 
Proof of Concept A multi-year project that is custom made involving the development of multiple solutions.
Grace Period This describes the period of time when a partner is temporarily elevated to a higher tier than their current one. If they meet the criteria for the new tier within a certain period of time, their eligibility to stay there will be confirmed. If the reseller partner doesn’t keep their current discount, the new orders will have a discount according to the tier partner is in.
Service Level Agreement Partners are given a number of 24x7 priority Technical Support incidents without charge depending on their partner type and level within the program. The incidents are valid for any LeaseWeb product and are typically used to resolve presales issues. The number of incidents covered varies by membership level. Partners with “Preferred Support” status can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on problem solving tasks using their priority access to Technical Support. Some specific partners also have access to our Service Level Management team which ensures arrangements are in place to coordinate internal IT support, the partners and the end customer.
Pre-sales and Solution Architect Partners have access to our technical Pre-sales & Solution Architect team. Support should be requested via the PAM at least 14 days in advance. The scope of pre-sales support is especially valuable when it comes to expert knowhow above and beyond more general technical pre-sales activities (such as an average product overview presentation).
Seeding Options Qualifying resellers are eligible to receive complimentary units for testing purposes free of charge. Seeding units are offered on a request basis and are subject to availability and approval from LeaseWeb.
LeaseWeb Customer Portal and API access

Partners will have the possibility to give their own customers access to the LeaseWeb Customer Portal so they will be able to manage and order new severs. End customer access to the customer portal is offered on a request basis and is subject to approval from LeaseWeb.

 LeaseWeb resellers have access to the Application Program Interface for each of the products. More information can be found in the Knowledge base page of the product you are looking for.

Dedicated Account Manager Designated management access to a regional LeaseWeb Partner Account Manager (PAM) who acts the partner’s principal contact with us, conducts business planning with the partner and helps them  take full advantage of the partnership in general and the Partner Program benefits in particular. The PAM also gives the partner access to our sales force and local sales support for account specific opportunities.
Knowledge Base

The LeaseWeb Knowledge Base is an online searchable database which includes:

  • Resolutions to common technical issues
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Technical notes
  • FAQs
  • Hundreds of articles about product specs, reference documentation, and so forth.
Post Payment With the post payment policy, resellers can pay for their invoice up to 30 days after it is released instead of the normal pre-payment policy. Post payment is offered on a request basis and is subject to approval from LeaseWeb.

Authorized Reseller Program presentation and leaflet

To better understand our enhanced reseller partner program, you can either view the video-recorded presentation or download our leaflet:

How to become an Authorized Reseller Partner

To become an Authorized Reseller Partner, please apply online.

To be an Authorized Reseller Partner, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a verifiable company website, company email, company name, phone number and address
  • Capability to resolve SPAM, copyright and abuse reports of your clients and any other violations of LeaseWeb’s agreements
  • Provide billing and accounting support to your clients

FAQ about the enhanced Authorized Reseller Program

Here are some frequently asked questions about the enhanced authorized reseller program:

Why did LeaseWeb enhance the existing reseller model?

The main reasons for the enhancemnet are to:

  • Simplify the discount structure and different tiers
  • Create a more comprehensive model
  • Cover LeaseWeb’s entire product line
  • Create a broader tiering to embrace more partners
  • Bring the program in line with market standards
  • Empower resellers with extra benefits
  • Ensure that discounts and benefits apply to all our services, in all entities globally.

How the enhanced Authorized Reseller Program influence existing reseller partners?

For now, existing Reseller Partners will continue to have their current discount and benefit levels (including SLA). Additional benefits like enablement, support and marketing have been added to the program.

Each Reseller Partner will be informed about the tier they are in and the benefits assigned to that tier. Furthermore, a Partner Manager will be assigned to existing resellers to help accounts change to the new model smoothly and seamlessly.

Will the new program apply to all entities?

Yes. If you are a LeaseWeb Reseller Partner with accounts in multiple entities, we will count the partner's total revenue and apply the same discount across the various accounts, including all legal entities.

Please ensure that all your accounts are included when you receive the personalized letter from us.

When will the new program go live?

The go live date is 27 July 2015. All revenues have been calculated based on the Resellers' revenue up until June.

LeaseWeb will check monthly if the partner has moved to a new tier during the previous month in order to apply the right discount.

Has the 12-month contract commitment been taken out?

Yes. LeaseWeb is now providing Authorized Reseller Partners with discounts without forcing them into long commitments. Monthly-based contracts will allow the Reseller Partners to be more flexible. It will apply also to almost all services (excluding specific solutions, e.g. Private Racks, Private Cloud Solutions).

What are the discount options for pre payments?

The following discounts will apply when Resellers make pre payments:

These discounts will apply on top of any existing discounts that you have.

Contract Term Discount for pre payment
1 month 0%
3 months 2.5%
6 months 5%
12 months 10%
24 months 20%
36 months 30%

How will the 12-month contract commitment affect reseller partners who have longer services running ?

New servers can be ordered with Reseller Partner discounts on one-month contracts. Existing services on contracts longer than one-month will run until the end of their contract term. If at the end of the term the reseller partner wishes to downgrade the contract term, the following scheme will apply:

Contract Term Discount
1 month +10%
3 months +7.5%
6 months +5%

When a Reseller Partner changes tier, will the new discounts also apply on existing services?

No. The new discounts will only apply to new orders. Existing services will retain the benefits of the tier in which they were originally ordered.

Will Reseller Partner promotions apply on top of ongoing promos?

Yes. All website promotions will be added on top of the existing discounts the Reseller Partner has (up to the highest tier – Tier 6 with 25%).

Will Reseller Partners be able to order with their own discount directly from the website?

Yes, this new feature will be available very shortly. Currently three types of discounts are available on the website:

  1. Website Discount: This is the normal website discount which applies to some servers. The servers with a website discount appear in red and have a price tag:

  2. Promo code: This functionality allows discounting using a special promo code which can be used at the check-out stage (see “Cart” image). 

  3. Authorized Reseller Partner website discount: every time an Authorized Reseller Partner gets to the checkout process and logs in to his account, his discount tier will apply on everything in his shopping cart. If some items in the shopping cart already have normal website discounts on them, then the maximum applicable discount is the highest discount (25%).

Do discount also apply on upgrades?

Yes - they do.

If I am a volume reseller, how can I make good margins?

Resellers are those who target specific geographic areas and offer localized support, or also sell licenses, hardware and/or networking products and provide value beyond order fulfillment. They may offer various other products sold in volume/wholesale and combine them together.

So, if you push LeaseWeb products without adding direct value to the service, can you really build a successful business?

The answer is yes. Keep in mind that high volumes can easily translate into high revenues. The reseller advantage is also that they can offer local support in local languages and they are close to the customers, maintaining the relationship and focus on upselling.

As the new program covers all LeaseWeb portfolio Dedicated Servers, CDN and Cloud – the partner can easily make higher revenues by selling those high margin solutions and so easily grow to the highest tiers.

How can a Reseller Partner start making a margin from day one as the tier discount starts at 500?

LeaseWeb helps you by providing the following options:

  • Seeding units: We can provide up to five servers for free for a certain period
  • Grace period: LeaseWeb can grant the Reseller Partner with a discount right from the beginning. Depending on the agreement, LeaseWeb will review if the partner has reached the tier from where the discounts apply. If not, the reseller continues with the existing services at the initial agreed price.

What API features are available for resellers?

Please review the Knowledge Base entries for each product to view the API features available.

Who can get the reseller discounts?

Only Authorized Reseller Partners get the discounts. Resellers are accepted into the program if they meet specific requirements:

  • type of business
  • geographical location
  • market focus
  • minimun revenues

The discounts are not available for end user customers.

What is the role of a Partner Account Manager?

Each partner will have a Partner Manager Manager assigned to consult with. They support the business growth of the Channel Partner in the following ways:

  • Ensures that Reseller Partners receive all the sales and operational support they need to grow their business.
  • Occasionally provides Channel Partners with new business opportunities and leads.
  • Provides product and technical support, competency and qualifications plans. 
  • Facilitates support for Channel Partners transitioning into technology markets such as the cloud computing market.

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