LSW VPS 2017-09-07

DescriptionLSW_API (2017-09-07)


New LeaseWeb Virtual Servers API

The Virtual Servers endpoints (API) provide you the ability to retrieve information and interact with the Virtual Servers that you have at LeaseWeb.

Currently, there are 9 API calls available that you can use to manage your VPS.

4 of the API calls are newly released. You can now:

  • Reinstall the virtual server

  • Retrieve a list of all of your credentials

  • Get information about a specific credential of a user

  • Retrieve a list of all of your data traffic metrics

You might be also familiar with existing API calls released in the previous version to:

  • Retrieve a list of all of your virtual servers

  • Retrieve information about a specific virtual server

  • Power on the virtual server

  • Power off the virtual server

  • Reboot the virtual server

The complete list of VPS API v2 to get started is available here.