LSW VPS 2017-08-16

You can now select a Virtual Server pack and request an upgrade for it directly from the Customer Portal (instead of manually creating a ticket for an upgrade).

Request Virtual Server pack upgrade from the Customer Portal

From the Customer Portal, along with managing your Virtual Servers, you can now also request an upgrade for a server pack. 

Perform the following steps to request a virtual server pack upgrade: 

  1. In the menu bar, under Cloud, select Virtual Server.
    The Virtual Servers page displays.

  2. Click the "Manage" button for the server for which you want to request an upgrade.
    The Server Management page displays.

  3. Under "Technical details", against "Server type", click the "Upgrade" link.

    The upgrade functionality only works when you are ordering a bigger server pack than your existing pack.

    For example, you can upgrade from L pack to XL pack.

  4. In the "Upgrade Server Type" popup window, select the server type that you want to upgrade to, and click the Confirm button.

    Take a look at the different server packs and the prices:

  5. The "Upgrade Server Type" popup window displays. Please read the information and click the "OK" button. 

    We will contact you to schedule the upgrade according to your preferred time.

FAQs about requesting Virtual Server pack upgrade

Check the frequently asked questions about requesting a Virtual Server pack upgrade.

I already have Virtual Server XL pack. Can I upgrade?

An upgrade is only possible to a bigger size, where XL is the maximum pack. 

If you already have the Virtual Server XL pack and want more resources, please send your request to They will help suggest a solution that fits your business needs. 

Can I downgrade my Virtual Server pack?

It is not possible to downgrade to a smaller Virtual Server pack. You need to cancel your current server and order a new one with a smaller pack.

For instructions on how to cancel a service, please see Cancelling a LeaseWeb service.

I have a Plesk license on my Virtual Server. Will an upgrade affect my license?

No action is required from your side. We will replace the license with one that matches the upgraded Virtual Server pack size. 

For example, if you are upgrading from M to L, we have to set up the license for 30 domains.

Will there be a downtime for the upgrade?

The Virtual Server needs to be rebooted to perform the upgrade. The server will be offline for around 15 minutes during this upgrade. We will contact you to plan the upgrade during your convenient time. 

What happens after I request an upgrade?

Once you have requested an upgrade, we will contact you to confirm the upgrade and plan it at your convenient time.  

During the upgrade, the compute offering of the server will be upgraded to the desired size. The server will be offline for around 15 minutes during this upgrade.

After the upgrade, the server will be rebooted and ready to use again.

Do I need to manually configure anything before or during the upgrade?

No action is required from your side. We will take care of the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, the disk size will increase, but the partition table will not get automatically updated. It needs to be

resized manually. If needed, you can ask our technical support team to guide you in this process.

From when will the new price be applicable?

Your next bill will reflect the price change according to the new size. This bill will also include a one-time pro rata free for the use of the upgraded server from the day it has been upgraded until the billing date.