LSW CloudStack 2018-02-20

 Enhancements for LeaseWeb CloudStack Private Cloud on Feb 20, 2018.

CloudStack Container Service (Beta)

The CloudStack Container Service is a feature available for CloudStack Private Cloud customers. It orchestrates provisioning of Kubernetes-managed container clusters integrated in your CloudStack environment.

The feature is free and could be requested on-demand from the customer portal. Once made available you may use it from CloudStack Private Cloud dashboard.

Currently, the CloudStack Container Service provides the following features for managing container clusters:

  • Embeds the Kubernetes 1.8.4 Dashboard in the CloudStack Console to deploy containerized applications
  • Injects CloudStack managed SSH keys into Kubernetes clusters
  • Monitors Kubernetes cluster health
  • Connects Kubernetes clusters to CloudStack isolated networks with integrated DNS (using kubedns)
  • Support for CoreOS guests

CloudStack Container Service is in the beta stage, therefore some restrictions apply.

  • It is not intended for production loads. You may experiment with the features to try out the functionality.
  • Data losses are possible during troubleshooting. If you need help to resolve an issue, please create a ticket from the Customer Portal or send an email to
  • Support requests will be taken within Dutch business hours (08:30 - 17:30 CEST).
  • Cancellation or termination will be done upon agreement with the customer (please email, or once the decision to terminate the offer is there.

If you have any additional questions, please contact support at

How to create and manage CloudStack Container Service

The CloudStack Container Service (CCS) orchestrates provisioning of Kubernetes managed container clusters integrated in your CloudStack environment. CCS builds container clusters Kubernetes running on CoreOS (Stable Channel) VMs. Once provisioned, you can configure the cluster and deploy containers using standard Kubernetes tools such as kubectl.

For detailed instructions on how to create and manage your containers, please see CloudStack Containers Service.

How to upgrade CloudStack Private Cloud resources from the Customer Portal

As a customer, you get to decide how and when you want to upgrade your private cloud resources, therefore, upgrading should be easy and fast.

With this release, you can now request an upgrade of CPU, memory, and storage from the customer portal. You can visit the CloudStack Private Cloud resource pool page and request an upgrade of resources.

It is possible to request the following:

  • up to 100 cores more
  • up to an additional 1TB of storage
  • up to 4 times more memory than you currently have

If you need more resources or want to upgrade your resource pool, please contact your account manager or our customer care team.

For now, upgrades from customer portal are only available to our Dutch and German customers.

Customers from the US, UK, or South East Asia may upgrade their resources by contacting support or their account managers. We are working on improving this process.