Requesting more IPs for your Elastic Compute from customer portal

For your cloud environment to connect with the public internet it needs public IP addresses. At least 1 public IP subnet is provided with each Elastic Compute that can be assigned to an isolated or a shared network in your environment. In the Customer Portal it is possible to request an additional subnet with a size of /29 up to a /26 subnet. For more information about network types, read the following knowledge base article: Managing Apache CloudStack Networks

Request an additional subnet for your Elastic Compute domain

See below how to add an additional public IPv4 subnet to your Elastic Compute domain.

  1. In the menu bar select Cloud Compute. The Cloud Compute overview page displays.
  2. Click the ID (first column) of the Elastic Compute domain that you want to add a subnet.
  3. Under Actions you will find Request more IPs

  4. In the following pop-up window you can select the additional subnet size and for what type of network to be allocated.

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