Load Balancing for Web Application Firewall

DescriptionLoad Balancing: Cyber Security


Getting started with load balancing of the traffic is quite easy on our platform. Simply add multiple origin servers from the Settings page:

As soon as more than one origin server is specified, our health check becomes activated. The purpose of this service is very simple - ensure that origin servers are alive and responding. This is done by validating the response codes we are receiving from the origin. Responses 200, 301, 302 are considered as "being up" codes which means that origin will be used during traffic distribution. Any other response code is considered as "being down" which means that origin will be marked as down and will not receive any traffic.

To control the amount of traffic that will be sent to a specific origin server, please use the 'Weight' parameter. In our example above, origin will be sent four times as much traffic as

Please note, our platform utilizes a "IP stickiness" mechanism. This ensures that the requests from the same client will always be directed to the same server except when this server is unavailable.