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LeaseWeb supported TLDs

LeaseWeb provides the most competitive TLD prices:

TLDPrice per month

Many more of the top level domains that we provide can be viewed on our website:

If you are interested in a TLD that is not listed here, please send us an email at and we'll inform you about the available options.


Domain name registration and transfers are applicable to 1-year contract term and billing frequency.

Some TLDs (such as .fi, .es, .nu, .xxx) require additional details for their registration. Some of the details the registry asks can be:

  • company registration number
  • vat registration number
  • personal ID number (such as passport number)
  • sponsored community membership application 

For further information, you can contact If we receive a registration request for similar TLDs, we'll contact you for the additional details.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System that translates the IP addresses into domain names, so the users do not need to know the IP address. Please find here more information: Domain Name System (DNS)

LeaseWeb nameservers information

If you wish to use the LeaseWeb DNS, please use the authoritive nameservers below:

Please find more nameservers details in the Cheat Sheet article.

By default, all new domains will use LeaseWeb name servers. With a transfer of domain, the name servers will not be changed. It is required to request a change explicitly at This also applies for glue records.

DNS record types

At LeaseWeb, DNS records can be set by you for each domain using the LeaseWeb Customer Portal. To know more about the most used DNS record types, please visit: DNS records types.

Time to Live (TTL) and DNS caching

Time to Live (TTL) is used to renew the DNS records on all the DNS servers around the world to the set TTL value. 

The units used are seconds. The older common TTL value for DNS was 86400 seconds, which is 24 hours. A TTL value of 86400 would mean that, if a DNS record was changed on the authoritative name server, the DNS servers around the world could still be showing the old value from their cache for up to 24 hours after the change.

Why change the TTL value

If you change the TTL, you have to wait for the current TTL to pass before the new TTL will be active. This means that if you change the TTL to 1 hour instead of 24 hours, you have to wait the 24 hours first before the 1 hour TTL will be active.

Setting a TTL value lower than 12 hours is not recommended, and should only be used during a short period for special cases. By default, the TTL value is 24 hours.

Anonymous domain registrations (WHOIS privacy)

The WHOIS Privacy service is intended to protect the registrant's WHOIS information for legitimate purposes.

This is an additional service that LeaseWeb provides for some top level domain names. For detailed information, please visit: WHOIS Privacy Service for Domain.

ICANN contact verification

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation that has responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domain name system management, and root server system management functions.

As part of the ongoing effort to improve contact quality, ICANN requires contact validation for each domain owner contact registering a domain name or changing the domain owner email address. In these situations, the domain name owner will receive an email directly from ICANN to confirm the contact details. The domain name owner will need to confirm the link in order to validate that the contact details are correct. The email validation is a one-time process.

Please make sure to follow the ICANN Contact Verification email instructions within 14 days since the notification receipt. Your domain will be set on "client/server hold" status by the registry if the email is not validated on time.

FAQs about Domain Name

Which hosting services does Leaseweb provide?

Depending on your website requirements, you can choose to host your domain on a Web Hosting package or on a server (Virtual Servers, Bare Metal Servers, Private Cloud, and Dedicated Servers). Not sure which hosting service to choose or do you need a hybrid solution? Our Sales team will be happy to help you. You can contact us at or use the Live Chat option during business hours. 

How can I test my web hosting pack without changing the DNS records?

When creating a new hosting package, you can test it before making the actual changes in the DNS records by following the instructions mentioned here: Adding a website to hosts file and testing it

If you have further questions, please contact

How can I change the domain nameservers?

To update the domain nameserver, you need to contact us at You can also open a ticket for Sales from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

Once your request is submitted, a ticket will be opened in our system and this will be processed within 1 business days. Please use a registered email address under your account if you are sending us an email.

To avoid downtime, please make sure to verify that the DNS records are correct by looking at the customer portal before sending a nameservers change request.

How can I change the domain name contact details (handles)/WHOIS information?

To change the WHOIS information (domain name contact details), you need to contact us at You can also open a ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.

Once your request is submitted, a ticket will be opened in our system and this will be processed within 1 business days. Please use a registered email address under your account if you are sending us an email.

When updating the email address of the domain name's owner, a contact verification email will be sent by ICANN. Please validate the link in the email to make sure your domain name doesn't go into "client/server hold" status at the registry.

How can I change the primary domain on Web Hosting?

To update the domain nameserver, you need to contact us at You can also open a ticket for Support from the Leaseweb Customer Portal or send an email to 

Once your request is submitted, a ticket will be opened in our system and this will be processed within 1 business days. Please use a registered email address under your account if you are sending us an email.

What does my domain status mean?

Domains on "Client/Server hold" status

When your domain is on this status means that domain owner needs to confirm his contact details at the registry. Once this is done, the domain is automatically activated.

Please see our section on ICANN contact verification for more information on this status.

Domains on 'Registrar hold' status

If a domain has the registrar hold status, the domain name has expired with the current registrar, but has not yet been terminated. This means that the domain name must first be extended with the current registrar, before it can be transferred.

Domains on 'Locked' status

If the domain is shown as "Locked", you will need to request a lock removal at your current provider, before asking for the domain's EPP transfer authorization code.

Domains on 'Pending' status

In most cases the ‘Pending’ status means that a domain is in progress to be transferred to a different registrar. More information on the status of the domain can be requested by contacting 

How can I transfer a domain between Leaseweb customer accounts?

To transfer a domain between LeaseWeb customer accounts, please contact

How can I add an email to the domain?

We provide email accounts through our Web Hosting packages. For each email account, you will have a 5 GB mailbox space available. The number of email accounts depends on the package size:

Web Hosting package sizeNumber of email accounts

Email accounts are managed using the LeaseWeb Customer Portal. For more information, please visit Web Hosting Overview or our website:

For details about email settings, please visit: Configuring Email Settings

How can I set a Reverse DNS (PTR record)?

You can set the Reverse DNS (PTR record) from the LeaseWeb Customer Portal. For detailed instructions, please visit: Setting up PTR records and Reverse DNS

How can I redirect my domain name to another domain name?

You can set the redirect in any one of the following ways:

For information on how to set the HTTP redirect at no additional cost from the customer portal, please see: Redirecting domains

What is the delivery time for a domain name order?

Domain names are processed within 1 business day. Please note that this time does not include the order being verified (for new customers) and the payment receipt time (for prepaid customers).

Some TLDs require additional details for their registrations or are not automatically transferred. When we process your order, we will keep you updated on your registered email address on the order details and delivery times.

Does my order need to be verified?

Your order needs to be verified if you do not have yet a customer account with Leaseweb. An order placed through the website is first verified by us over phone. This is a one-time verification process applicable only for your first order. Once verified, the order will be delivered within 1 business days.

How can I transfer my domain to Leaseweb?

Each domain name TLD has its own registry rules. The majority of the domains can be transferred to a different registrar party by using an authorization code (transfer code). Once you have the available authorization code, you can place an order via our website and provide the authorization code in the assigned field. Domain transfer times depend on the TLD, .com domains are transferred within 5 days, while .nl domains are automatically transferred. If you require further details on a certain TLD, please send us your questions at

When a domain name is transferred to Leaseweb, its contact details and nameservers are not automatically updated in our system. You must send your change request to, or reply to the domain transfer confirmation email (that we will send you).

How can I cancel my domain name with Leaseweb?

If you do not wish to renew a domain name with Leaseweb, you can cancel it from the Leaseweb Customer Portal (under My Account > All services). Please make sure to cancel the domain name before the contract renewal date. If you need assistance with cancelling your domain name, please contact us at

When cancelling your Web Hosting pack, please make sure to check if other connected services need to be cancelled as well (e.g. Web Hosting packages, SSL certificates). If so, please make sure to cancel these from the customer portal.

How can I retrieve an authorization code (transfer code) to transfer my domain from Leaseweb?

If you want to transfer your domain from LeaseWeb, you will need an authorization code. To receive the authorization code to transfer your domain, please perform the following steps:

  1. Cancel the domain in the LeaseWeb Customer Portal.
  2. Contact us at to let us know once the cancellation has been completed.
    Please use a registered email address under your account if you are contacting our team via email. You can also open a ticket from the LeaseWeb Customer Portal.
  3. Once your request is submitted, we will provide you the needed authorization code (transfer code) within 1 business days. 

Please note that if the domain is connected to a Web Hosting pack which is no longer needed, the Web Hosting Pack will need to be canceled as well in the LeaseWeb Customer Portal.

Can I use DNSSEC for my domain?

When using your own nameservers, we can add the DNSSEC Key to your domain registered at LeaseWeb. Please contact with your request to add DNSSEC for your domain, confirming the DNSSEC Key that you want to use.

LeaseWeb nameservers do not support DNSSEC, therefore this is available for a domain registered at LeaseWeb only when using your own nameservers.

How do I activate the SPAM filters of my webmail?

You can easily view, edit, delete your mail boxes, along with activating the SAPM filteres. For detailed instrcutions, please click here


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