Users and Accounts

As a user, you can have access to one or multiple customer accounts. For existing users with different customer accounts, only one user email address and password is required to access, view and manage all customer accounts from the Customer Portal.


A person with access to Leaseweb customer account(s), identified by its email address. A user needs to register a user email address for a Leaseweb customer account.

Multiple Leaseweb customer accounts can be linked to a user by entering the same email address when registering different customer accounts.

Customer Account

A specific customer in a specific Leaseweb entity (Netherlands, Germany, United States, etc.), depending on the entity you buy Leaseweb services from.

A user can have one or multiple Leaseweb customer accounts. Instead of logging into each of them separately (using separate credentials), the user can link all the customer accounts under one user (email address). This can be done by registering the same email address for every customer account.

RoleA user will have specific roles for each customer account linked to the user. Each role has specific access rights in the Customer Portal (for example: a financial role will have access only to financial data). See Managing Users for more information about Roles.

As a user, you need to first register your user email address and create a new password for your Leaseweb user account. You can log in to your customer account using the registered user email address and the new password. If you have multiple customer accounts, you can link them to one user email address. This ensures that with a single login, you can view/manage all your customer accounts. 

To see how to register a user email address for your account, link multiple accounts to one user email address, and manage your user profile, please check the following articles:

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