Viewing your Elastic Compute from customer portal

The Overview page shows you all the Elastic Compute domains under your account. Some actions can be performed directly from here like: viewing Data traffic usage for the domain and IP Management.

Perform the following steps to get an overview of all the Elastic Compute domains assigned to you:

  1. In the menu bar select Cloud Compute.
  2. The Elastic Compute overview page displays.
  3. To view further details and features you can click on the value in the ID field, or
  4. You can view the following information and perform certain tasks:

Products details

Column NameDescription
IDThe ID is the equipment and reference for your Elastic Compute domain, this ID is also used to login to the CloudStack dashboard.
PRODUCTThe Elastic Compute product type you have, this can be Elastic Compute or Elastic Compute Premium. You can read more about the difference here:
TYPEThe type of resources you have, this can be Reserved pool or On demand. You can read more about the difference here:
SLAThe type of Service Level Agreement that comes with your product.
DATA TRAFFICThis link forwards you to the network Usage graphs tab in the Overview page, allows you to quickly view the network usage.
IPS LISTThis link forwards you to the IP Management interface, where you can set reverse DNS, manage DDOS protection profile and nulling if IP address(es).
BURSTINGThis label shows if Bursting is enabled or disabled. Bursting allows you to use more resources that available in your Resource pool, mainly to cover for short peaks in your usage.

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