Viewing Apache CloudStack dashboard


The Apache CloudStack dashboard contains multiple panels that provide cumulative at-a-glance information about the state of your virtual machines, storage components, networks and the events that are generated. On clicking the resources on the left panel, detailed information about the resources are displayed.

Viewing the Dashboard

To access the dashboard, you must log in using your username, password, and the domain name. The view varies depending on the type of user logged in. A regular user can only view information about his resources, a domain admin can view all resources within the domain.

You can view the following information in the Apache CloudStack dashboard:

VMsDisplays the number of instances/virtual machines that are in Running or Stopped state, and the total number of virtual machines within your domain regardless of state.
Domain resource counts

Displays a graphical representation of the usage and availability of key components of your infrastructure for your domain.

NB!; sometimes the numbers are outdated. To get the most current status go to Domains and update the resource count for your Domain

Account resource countsDisplays a graphical representation of usage and availability for the logged in account. The maximum limits of an account are always limited to the limits of the domain the account belongs too. If it displays unlimited, it suggests the maximum limit of the domain.

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