Managing your Elastic Compute billing from customer portal

Elastic Compute has two different types of billing methods, Resource pool and On demand


Elastic Compute product types

In Elastic Compute there are two types:

On demand :  Get billed only for CPU, Memory and Storage resources consumed on hourly bases.
Reserved : Get a reserved pool of CPU, Memory and Storage resources that can be used to allocate to networks and virtual machines.

Elastic Compute On demand

To see usage and billing info for On demand accounts there is a Billing page in the Customer Portal.

  1. Click on the Elastic compute On demand product ID.

  2. Click on the Billing tab. 
    Network In/Out (per GB)
    CPU (per vCPU / hour)
    Memory (per GB / hour)
    Storage (per GB) -  Storage is billed in peak usage per month. For example, If you capacity peaked at any point during the month at 100GB, you will be billed for that amount.  

Elastic Compute Reserved

For Elastic Compute Reserved, we delivery a fixed resource pool that is billed each month.

  1. Click on the Elastic compute Reserved product ID.

  2. See the resource pool limits under Technical details.

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