Metrics report and Aggregated data graphs


The Metrics Report page represents an overview of the total bandwidth and data traffic of your dedicated servers and aggregated packs. Please note that this page is only for informational purposes and it's not used for billing.

If you wish to view the graphs for your aggregated pack only then please check the Aggregation Packs page, which is under the Network menu.

On the top of the page there is a feature that allows you to download the data traffic metrics in a CSV or JSON report.

The format of the report is represented in Bytes (Bps) and applies only for data traffic. By using a simple Excel conversion formula you can convert the end results to MBps or GBps.


Metrics Report page

Perform the following steps to view or download the bandwidth or data traffic graphs report for your dedicated servers (and aggregated packs):

In the menu bar, under Network, select Metrics Report.

Viewing the graphs report

Field NameDescription

By selecting time ranges in the calendar you're able to see the graphs for bandwidh and data traffic.

In the Bandwidth Activity graph we show the Average inbound/outbound traffic and the billable 95 percentile.

You can also zoom into specific point in time for more granularity and revert back with the 'Reset Zoom' button.

In the Data Traffic graph we show the Sum and Average of the inbound/outbound traffic. The Expected according to the Data pack and the (day) Peak.

You can also zoom into specific point in time for more granularity and revert back with the 'Reset Zoom' button.

Download the graphs report

Field NameDescription

From the drop-down list, select one of the options provided. Based on that, you can download the data traffic usage report for your servers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Choose the format of your choice (JSON, CSV) to download the data traffic usage report based on the format in which you would like to view it.

FAQs about Metrics Report

Why I can't see all my servers in the report?

Data graphs or metrics are available for all servers connected to a network switch managed by Leaseweb.

If your server is in a private rack or connected to a private switch, firewall or load balancer, it's possible that metrics are not yet available for your server.

Another reason for this problem could be an internal administrative issue.

If you think there is an error and you feel you should be seeing metrics for your servers, please contact support

Is data traffic charged in both directions?

Yes, at Leaseweb, both upload and download traffic are charged, and for each IP packet or datagram the full Ethernet frame size is counted.

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