Cloud Connect

Leaseweb's Cloud Connect provides secure, fast, and cost effective connectivity to public cloud providers from selected Leaseweb data centers.



Cloud Connect is a connectivity service which offers fast and secure connectivity to the public cloud from selected Leaseweb data centers.

The service is based on Megaport’s Software Defined Network technology and their cloud interconnection capabilities. Megaport provides the physical connection and transport from a Leaseweb data center to public cloud edge locations.

Leaseweb provides the routing services required to connect with a public cloud. The routing services are provided by our Cloud Connect router. In the Leaseweb data centers where Cloud Connect is available, there is a Cloud Connect router which is connected to Megaport and the Leaseweb private network. Currently, the private network offers data center wide layer2 connectivity between Leaseweb services (dedicated servers in private and/or shared racks, CloudStack resource pools, and vCloud) by allocating a single VLAN per customer. As the purpose is to offer secure connectivity to the public cloud, Cloud Connect is delivered on top of the existing private network infrastructure of a data center.

Connection speeds range from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Cloud Connect initially provides private connectivity to AWS and Google Cloud with more public cloud providers to be added in the future

The benefits of using Cloud Connect to access your VPC in AWS and/or Google Cloud include:

  • Security and higher performance
  • Savings on egress traffic costs from your VPC network to your Leaseweb services
  • Scalable connectivity

Product availability

The products that can currently be connected to the Leaseweb Private Network are also eligible for Cloud Connect.

These products are:

  • Dedicated servers
  • CloudStack
  • vCloud
  • Colocation (Half and full racks)

We will be connecting more Leaseweb products to the private network, which will allow more products to be eligible for connection in the future.

Data center availability

Cloud Connect can be offered in the following Leaseweb data centers:

  • AMS-01 in the Netherlands
  • WDC-02 in the USA
  • SIN-10 in Singapore

This service will be extended to other Leaseweb data centers in the future.

Ordering Cloud Connect

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