Leaseweb Service Status

This section in the Customer Portal provides you with an overview of the maintenance windows, incidents, and general technical information that are relevant to your services and products within Leaseweb. You can choose to view it either as a notification inbox or a calendar. You can also change your notification settings for maintenance windows, incidents and general technical information. 



On clicking Service Status, you can view all the Notifications. Here you can find all Maintenances, Incidents, and General Information that improves and (might) influence your personal services at Leaseweb. 

In the overview, you see the main information about the Notification. To see the whole message, click the Open link, and a pop-up window with the message will display. 

Notifications will only be visible temporarily, so if you want to keep the text, please save it outside the Customer Portal.


In the Calendar page, the same notifications which you can see in the Notifications page for maintenance windows are displayed, but they are arranged by monthly, weekly, or daily view.

You can navigate back and forth over time, and also choose the time slot to be displayed: month, week, or day.

If you click on a specific maintenance, then the details about that event will be displayed on a pop-up window. Close the pop-up window to return to the Calendar page.


Under Settings, you can manage your Notifications. By default, you are subscribed to all Notifications. They will be sent to the email address that you defined as Technical Contact in your profile.

For all three types of Notifications (Maintenances, Incidents, and General Information), it is possible to subscribe and unsubscribe. You can change these settings any time you want.

These settings apply only to Notifications sent via email. The Notifications that display in the Customer Portal Service Status Inbox are not manageable.

FAQs about Leaseweb Service Status

Through which channels will Leaseweb inform us about their service status?

Leaseweb uses three channels to share information with you. 

Email: You have added a Technical Contact to your profile. The Service Status messages we send to you via emails will go to that email address. You can subscribe and unsubscribe for these email messages via the Settings page in the Service Status Module in the Customer Portal. Also the Technical Contact email address can be changed in the Customer Portal.

Customer Portal Service Status Inbox: In the Inbox of he Customer Portal, you can find all your services, and you have the options to manage them. The Customer Portal also has a Service Status module where you can find all events that might impact your services.

Public Website: Via, you can find Notifications about events with bigger impact. It is possible to subscribe for these Notifications via an RSS feed. 

Is the information in Leaseweb Service Status relevant to me?

Yes, every notification which you can see in this page is related to a service or product that you have within Leaseweb. Content that is not affecting you will not be displayed here.

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