API Key Management

API Key management is only accessible for the "Master" user! Read more about users and roles.

The Leaseweb API is using authentication based on API keys. Each API key can be restricted to allow GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE access or a combination. You can create an API key by following the steps below.

Creating a new API key

Perform the following steps to create a new API key:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.

  2. Click API Key in the left menu under the Administration section.

  3. Click the Add API Key button. A new key will be generated.

    By default the new API key is allowed to do GET, POST, PUT and DELETE calls.

  4. Click the **** icon the see your API key.

  5. Your API key will now be displayed.

Change API key options

For each API key you have the option to restrict the allowed access (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE or a combination), restrict access based on IP or renew the key.

Simply click on the edit (pencil) icon to change the options. After changing the options, click on "Save".

Access control

You can limit the access a key has by granting the request types to the API key. By default, all request types are allowed. If, for example, you want to have a read-only key, simply only select the GET request type and deselect all others. When using this API key, only data can be read and no other actions are possible.

Whitelisted IP

It is advised to limit the IPs which can use your API key. This prevents unknown systems from using your API key in case of a compromise. To enable IP whitelisting, type in an IP and click "Add IP".  If you want to remove an IP, simply click the trashcan icon next to the IP.

You can whitelist both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Renew key

If you want to update your key, click on "Renew key". A new key will be generated and all restrictions will be preserved. 

Disabling/enabling an API key

You can quickly disable and enable an API key for usage but clicking on the enable toggle button. As soon as your API key is disabled, you can no longer use the key to interact with the Leaseweb API.

Removing an API key

To remove an API key, click on the Trashcan icon below your API key and confirm the removal. As soon as your API key is removed, you can no longer use the key to interact with the Leaseweb API.

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