Sales Contracts

Please find below more information regarding the Leaseweb Sales Entities renewal, cancellation and transfers of Sales Contracts.


Contract Renewal

All contracts are renewed automatically for the same contract period as the initial Contract Term. It is not possible to cancel your services while the contract period is still active. Please read the following article "Cancelling" for more information about cancellations and notice periods.


You can cancel your service from the Leaseweb Customer Portal. Please find more information here: Cancelling Service

The end date of your service(s) will be calculated according to your contract term and notice period. You will receive an automated cancellation confirmation stating the correct end dates. 

Notice period

At the end of the Contract Term of an order, the order shall be renewed for successive terms equal to the initial Contract Term.

In case you do not agree to such renewal of the Contract Term and wish to cancel your Service at the Contract End Date, you can do so from the Leaseweb Customer Portal. However, you need to take into account a cancellation notice period of at least:

  1. one (1) hour, in the event of a Contract Term of one (1) month
  2. two (2) months, in the event of a Contract Term of three (3) months or longer.

Undoing a cancellation

You can undo the cancellation before the end date in the Leaseweb Customer Portal. Please find more information here: Undo Cancellation

Sales Contract Transfer, Business Name Change, and Address Change Requests

In order to transfer your services to another party, or to change the name of your business (company), or to change your (registered) address, we require some documentation from both you and the third party.

Please download the form that is relevant to you (depending on the Leaseweb Sales Entity and type of request), and after it has been filled in, send it to us by creating a ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.  

Attach a copy of the Business registration extract (not older than 1 month). For Sales Contract Transfer Requests, attach copies of the Business registration extract for both the Existing Customer and the New Customer.   

As soon as we receive all the required documents and the account balance has been paid in full, we will process your (partial) contract transfer, company name change, or address change requests. Assuming all documents can be verified, changes can take approximately 10 business days, although this may be longer depending on the document verification and the amounts of Sales Contracts. Please note that if a Sales Contract Transfer Request is received within the last 10 business days of the month, the transfer may not be completed before the invoice has been sent out.

These requests and the required documentation need to be sent from the email address registered in the Customer Portal account of the current owner of the service(s).

Dutch VAT Change form for Sole Traders

You need to download this form, and after it has been filled in, send it to us by creating a ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.  In addition to this form, provide us the Tax Office letter. 

VAT Change form for Sole Traders

Annual increase of service fees

Once a year, we realign our service fees to be able to continue investing in the development of both new and current services and features for you, while remaining competitive in the market. We hold this increase to 4% in line with our Sales Terms and Conditions.

In compliance with industry practices, effective January 2022, this fee adjustment will be implemented every year on the anniversary of your service’s contract start date (when your service continues after completing another year).

Therefore, if you have multiple services with different contract start dates, then on the month(s) that your service(s) completes an anniversary, your invoice for that month will reflect the adjusted fee for those service(s).

For example, if the Contract Start Date of a particular service is Aug 1, then every year, on Aug 1, the 4% increase will be applied to that particular service.

We will notify you whenever your invoice is adjusted to reflect the fee adjustment – and we will list the details of those service(s) that completes one/more year(s) on that month.

This annual increase of service fees is not applicable to Domains and any Software that you have. 

For Software, we pass on the exact price increase to you that is determined by the respective vendors (such as cPanel, Microsoft, Plesk, and so forth).

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