Description of Leaseweb invoices and how they are structured


Leaseweb invoice format 

To provide you with an easy and quick overview, we have will explain the format of our invoice. And to maintain uniformity, we have a new way of identifying the following: 

  •  Invoice number 
    Example: 90123456
  • Service identifier 
    Example: 41000012345678

The customer portal 

You can see the following pages in the Leaseweb Customer Portal:

  • All Products screen

    • Equipment ID or ID
    • A Contract ID: This contract will contain all the equipment ordered at one time.
      Note: We recommend that you add a reference to your services. This will help to identify them easily in the invoices.
    • Reference column will display the reference that you have added for this service in the customer portal. 
    • A Status column has been added. It displays the current status of your service. These are the following types of status it can display:
      • New
      • To be provisioned
      • Scheduled
      • Active
      • To be modified

  • Other changes

    • The Dashboard does not display a count of the total number of services under each product.
    • We have improved our "Contacts" page. You can now add new contacts which will be recognized by Leaseweb when requesting support.
    • Prepayment functionalities in the customer portal are no longer available.
    • You old invoices are no longer available. You can request for them by creating a ticket with Customer Care.

The invoice attachment 

Leaseweb invoices explained

Every invoice you receive will display the following information:

  • Your customer details (customer number, address, VAT registration number)
  • What is being charged (services description including which period we charge you for)
  • Our details (address, VAT registration number  and bank details)

With external factors increasing our cost base, there may be an annual increase of our Services Fees based on our Sales Terms & Conditions. You can find them here. The revised rates always apply from 1 January onwards. 

If you did not submit a valid VAT registration number, we will charge VAT for customers based in the EU and the UK.

We do not charge VAT to business customers who are located outside the country where Leaseweb is located if they have submitted valid VAT registration numbers.

Your VAT registration number is mentioned on your invoice. To add your VAT registration number to your account, please check this section: VAT charges

Pro-rata charge

Virtually all customers will find a one-time fee added to their first calendar month bill as a new customer, or when new services are added.

All Leaseweb services are billed by the calendar month, so the billing period for your Leaseweb services will always start at the first of the month. If you order a new service or are a new customer, the start date will often not be the first of the month. This is why there will be a one-time fee added to your first invoice showing the new service or, as a new customer. This covers the phase between the start of your service (i.e. the day on which the server is ready to use), and the first day of the next month.

On your proforma invoice, the one-time fee can be identified by the date, for example: "XXX001 From 15-4-2005 to 1-5-2005 EUR 89,00". This one-time fee will also appear on the official invoice for your administration.

Please refer to the article on Prepaid explanation for further information.

VAT charges 

Value added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax.

VAT on services

We charge VAT to all customers located within the European Union (EU), unless the customer has submitted a valid VAT registration number from the country where it is making the purchase from. VAT is charged to all customers that are located within the same EU country as the Leaseweb entity from where the customer is purchasing services irrespective of the availability of a valid VAT number. For this purpose the Leaseweb entities include Leaseweb Netherlands B.V., Leaseweb CDN B.V., Leaseweb Network B.V., Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH, Leaseweb UK Limited.

Leaseweb entities located within the EU do not charge VAT to customers located outside the European Union, unless specifically outlined otherwise below:

Russia – As a foreign supplier of e-services, Leaseweb entities (Leaseweb Netherlands BV, Leaseweb Deutschland GmbH, Leaseweb UK Limited) charge Russian VAT to customers that are located within the Russian Federation.

Leaseweb entities outside of the EU:

Russia – As a foreign supplier of e-services, Leaseweb USA Inc. charges Russian VAT to customers that are located within the Russian Federation.

VAT on goods

We are charging VAT for all our customers in case we are selling goods and the delivery takes place on our premises. 
For foreign enterprises, it is quite easy to apply for a VAT refund:

  1. Register at the Dutch tax office ("Belastingdienst")
  2. Apply for VAT refund

If you need more information, please contact 

Request copy invoice

You can download your invoices from the Leaseweb Customer Portal invoices - you can also view your current outstanding balance from this page. For any old invoice that is not available, you can request them by creating a ticket with Customer Care.

If you are unable to locate the invoice you are searching, or have further questions, please send us an email to:

Invoices by post

In principle, Leaseweb sends invoices and reminders by email. This saves time, and also contributes to a cleaner environment. If you wish to receive your invoice by post, you can indicate this via the Leaseweb Customer Portal. In that case, we will print exactly the same PDF on a color printer and send it to you by post. Consequently, you will have your invoice a few days earlier if you print it yourself.

Pro Forma

The pro forma page will provide you with an option to look which of your products will be invoiced in the upcoming month. The pro forma takes into account your contract terms and billing cycles so you will see items listed that will be invoiced next month, however surcharges cannot be displayed in the pro forma.

The page looks like the following:

The Starting Date is the first day of the upcoming month from which new recurring items or new products are shown.

Items listed in pro forma

  • Newly ordered products
  • Products with recurring costs.
  • One-off charges

Items not listed in pro forma

  • Surcharges - as they are calculated on the end of the month before including them in the invoice.

Certificate of Residence

The request for the Certificate of Residence is linked to rules of tax law in an international treaty which deals with withholding tax and possible double taxation. The inspector of the local tax authorities declares that during a specific year, a Leaseweb entity is a resident of a specific country.

To submit your VAT registration or to request a Certificate of Residence form, you should create a ticket from the Leaseweb customer portal. 

Please be informed that we will always validate your VAT registration number through the VIES portal of the European Commission. The VAT registration number that you submit will be checked using the following website: VIES VAT number validation on

We always charge VAT if delivery of a good takes place on our premises.

US Sales Tax 

We charge Sales Tax based on policies relating to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) introduced by various states in the US.  Sales Tax may be applied on some of your service(s). This tax is calculated based on the Billing Address on your account. If applicable, this Sales Tax will be applied to your invoice(s).  

If your company has Sales Tax exemption, please email the certificate to us at   

To know more about this Sales Tax introduced by various states in the US, please visit Tax Foundation or read this article published on Baker Institute.

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