Managing Users

  Once logged in to the Customer Portal, you can easily manage users connected to your account. Add and remove users, or promote a user to master.

User types

There are currently two different user types possible:
  • Master User: This user will have all rights within the Customer Portal, including creating and removing users and promoting a regular user to a master user
  • Regular User: This user will have all rights within the Customer Portal, but cannot remove a Master user or promote a regular user to master user

Every user connected to your account is able to login to the Customer Portal and has the same rights as the master user. The users will be able to manage your services, view invoices, and perform all tasks.


Read the following articles for more instructions:


Where to find User Management

You can find User Management under "Shortcuts" (on the left panel) or in the top-right menu section of the Customer Portal.




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