Legacy Customers Users

The following articles are only valid if you have an old login like NL123421341, SG234124123, US523453454, DE245344254, CDN1010101010 or alike

The new login system makes your LeaseWeb customer account more secured. Also, it gives you the flexibility to view and manage all your customer accounts from a single login.  

You need to register a user email address for your LeaseWeb customer account (Customer ID) and create a new password. Using them, you can easily access and manage your customer account. If you have multiple customer accounts (Customer IDs), instead of logging into them separately, you can link them to one user email address. Once linked, you can log in to your Customer Portal only once and view/manage all customer accounts.To see how to register a user email address for your customer account and link multiple accounts to one user email address, please read the following articles:


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