Controlling your Dedicated or Bare Metal server can be done using our powerful customer portal. The features in the management pages enable you to view the details of your servers, turn them off/on, view bandwidth usage, set threshold notifications, reinstall with your preferred operating system or control panel, and much more.

The Dedicated & Bare Metal Server Manual explains how to navigate through the following screens and perform relevant tasks in the LeaseWeb Customer Portal:


Bare Metal or Dedicated?

Bare Metal and Dedicated Servers both provide the same raw processing power. But with Bare Metal you also get instant provisioning. While with Dedicated Servers you get more customization options.

 Bare Metal ServersDedicated Servers
Configuration options:
Computing power:SingleSingle, Dual, Quad
Operating system:Linux, BSDWindows, Linux, BSD
Delivery:1 hour*1-5 business days
Ordering through:Website (API and
Customer Portal coming soon)
Quick upscaling of infrastructure:

* Windows installations may take longer, due to installation of Windows updates before delivery.


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