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Overview of Domain Names

The Overview page shows you all the Domains under your account. Some actions can be performed directly from here like registering a new domain, view/edit domains, and so forth.

  1. In the menu bar, under the Domains section, select "Domains".

  2. The Domains overview page displays.

    You can view the following information and perform certain tasks:

    Field NameDescription
    DomainsDisplays your domain list. Here you can search by the domain first letter, view/edit the domains, and adjust their DNS records.
    Register new domainAllows you to register a domain name within the available TLD list.
    Secondary nameserverIf you run your own nameserver, you can configure the LeaseWeb nameserver as a secondary nameserver for your domain.
    View/Edit Contact IDsAllows you to search for a contact ID associated to your domain and change the contact handle details in WHOIS database.
    New Contact IDAllows you to create a new contact ID for your domains in WHOIS database.
    Download XMLAllows you to download in Extensible Markup Language (XML) the information on your domain names, contract start date and DNS records assigned to it.


Editing your Domain Name (DNS records)

  1. On the Domains page, click the "View/Edit" link to edit your domains' DNS records.
  2. The contractual details of your domain name displays. You can also adjust the domain DNS records as needed.

    The domain contract details display the following:
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Contract term (mentioned in years)
  • Price/month
  • Serial: this states the current SOA serial at the LeaseWeb nameservers

    From this screen, you can either delete a DNS entry or add a new one.

    Please make sure to read the informative message listed in the beginning of the page. It states that:

    "You can edit the DNS zone file for your domain name below. Changes made to the DNS zone file require 24 – 48 hours to propagate across the Internet. Enter DNS details carefully as an incorrect entry could make the email and web services unavailable, and it would take some time to correct it."

Adding a new DNS record

Perform the following steps to add a DNS record:

  1. Under the "Edit" screen of the selected Domain Name, click the "Add New Entry" button.

    "Change the TTL value" refers to the Time to Live of the domain. It determines the amount of time that will take for a DNS record change to propagate across the Internet.

    We advise to lower the TTL before making a DNS record change and setting back the TTL to 24 hours once the changes are online.

    Changing the TTL can be done by clicking on the dropdown and choosing a value; please "Update" for the changes to be saved:

    Please check Domain Name Overview for more information on the TTL settings.

  2. Enter the host name, select the DNS record type, type the IP or other required value, set the priority (when applicable), and click the "Update" button.

    "Priority" is used when adding specific types of DNS records, e.g. MX record type. The lowest value takes priority.

    Please check DNS record types for more information on DNS record types and their updates.

Deleting a DNS record

Perform the following step to delete a DNS record:

  1. Under the "Edit" screen of the selected Domain Name, select the "Delete" check box, and click the "Update" button.



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