CDN Overview


LeaseWeb CDN has been developed in-house by a pioneering team and launched in 2014. Since then, LeaseWeb CDN has been expanding its reach globally to boost performance. Innovative features have been added to ensure that despite the complexities of the web experience, our CDN will suit your needs for fast, reliable and secure delivery of your content at an affordable cost.


Overview of LeaseWeb CDN

Content Delivery Networks form the core of Internet experience. CDNs, or Content Delivery Networks, accelerate internet content like websites, videos and streaming media, improving user experience and making your data more redundant and secure.

We are serious when it comes to our solution, providing industry standard services and features, and as a trusted partner at your side we cover the whole spectrum of web technologies:



Whether you run a site, e-commerce, music videos, games, software-as-a-service, or live events, we can accelerate it and offload your infrastructure. Our CDN services are designed by our technical experts for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries.

LeaseWeb CDN helps boost your service and saves money

With a lowest cost per bandwidth and our policy of "all options included", we will help you focus on creating the content rather than managing the infrastructure. All our features will allow you to fine tune your desired setup and stop worrying about potential traffic peaks or attacks on your site.

Setting up your service with LeaseWeb CDN

We've made using the LeaseWeb CDN so easy and user friendly that you'll be able to integrate our CDN on your website in just a few minutes. And we also have our 24/7 Support team ready to help you set up your service with LeaseWeb CDN.

Main features of LeaseWeb CDN

Security, unlimited domains, fast purge, bandwidth throttling, log files, header modification - you can now get everything you need to optimize your web presence with no hidden costs.

Along with the advanced features listed below, we also include 100% uptime SLA as standard with our CDN services.


SSL certification
Secure token URL
Hotlinking protection
IP/Domain blacklisting
DDOS protection

CDN Resources

Unlimited zones/domains 
Fast purge
Pre-fetch files functionality 
Header modification 
Cache expiry settings
Cache query strings
Ignore cookies
Bandwidth throttling




Reporting & analytics

Real time analytics
Bandwidth and traffic graphs
Cache hit/miss ratio
CDN logs
HTTP status code reporting
View data between specific time frames
Reports/statistics through your dashboard or API

"Always on" Support

Stay in direct touch with our developer team by email/chat, phone or Skype
Our Knowledge Base is always available for self-help



Global network with more than 5 Tbps capacity
Up-to-the-minute status updates 
Full control over the entire global network
DNS anycast network


Control panel

Intuitive design
Administer your accounting, billing and CDN resources in one place
Localize your preferences
Reseller functionality included



Electronic invoices
Payment history
Flexible payment methods (transfer, PayPal, credit card, direct debit)




User management
Data management 
CDN resource management
Traffic & reports
API documentation


The CDN dashboard

This video briefly shows the extensive functionality of our easy-to-use CDN control panel.


Cost of using LeaseWeb CDN

You can choose from two payment plans. Both include our full suite of features with SSL traffic.

  • Pay As You GoFull flexibility      Zero commitment      Any payment method
    Make the most of our all-inclusive service and excellent support without committing to a contract. You don’t even need a credit card to start. And you are free to change your mind anytime. See our pricing for the Pay-As-You-Go plan.
  • Custom Plans: Lower pricing      Choice of contracts      Developer access
    Save money and plan with confidence by going on contract. See our pricing for the custom plan. 

If you have any special requests, we will help you with it. Just ask!


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