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Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Servers give you all the processing power you need - on demand. Preconfigured servers (to ensure instant provisioning) and can be delivered between 20 seconds (Pay-as-you-go server) and 1 hour (Bare Metal Server). They also give you the flexibility your business needs to react to changing needs. Bare Metal Servers provide the same raw processing power as Dedicated Servers from single tenant machines. But with Bare Metal, you get instant provisioning, Pay-As-You-Go and the ability to scale up your infrastructure very quickly and automatically if needed.

Instantly delivered

A Bare Metal server is already racked and connected, so at the moment a Bare Metal server is ordered it is installed as requested by the customer. During the order process of a Bare Metal server the Operating system can be selected, as well as partitioning lay-out and other advanced options using the LeaseWeb installer (Reinstalling your server). Pay-as-you-go servers have a slightly different process as described below.

Hardware options

During selection of the bare Metal server you want to use, different hardware configurations are selectable (see Add a Pay-as-you-go server). The product Bare Metal server does not support hardware modifications at delivery. 

Network options

All Bare Metal Servers are connected to a state-of-the-art network. For more details about our network, please visit the LeaseWeb website. While selecting your Bare Metal server different connection options can be chosen. A Bare Metal Server does not support modifications of network connectivity outside the current hardware specs of that server.

Bare Metal server and Private Networking

While selecting your Bare Metal server it is possible to filter on the availability of Private Networking. Private Networking unfortunately is not yet available for every server. Over the next months we strive to 100% network availability. If you want more information about Private Networking please check the Private Networking page or contact your sales representative:

Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal servers

Pay-as-you-go servers are Bare Metal Servers which are billed per hour of usage. These servers are preconfigured to ensure instant provisioning and can be delivered in 20 seconds. They can be ordered through API or Customer Panel. Pay-as-you-go servers create the possibility to quickly up-scale your infrastructure, test a Proof Of Concept or services at LeaseWeb. 

Imagine your monitoring system adds extra processing power to your platform based on your defined thresholds so your services are not impacted from the extra load, or waking on-call engineers. Pay-as-you-go servers in combination with our LeaseWeb API makes this possible.

Delivery without OS

Where a Bare Metal server is directly ordered with an Operating System, a Pay-As-You-Go servers will be delivered within 20 seconds without an OS. This supports the fully automated concept of the product. After delivery, installation of the server can be done via the different options offered by LeaseWeb as described in Reinstalling your server.

Off course the options to install a server will not only be offered via our LeaseWeb API, but also via our advanced Customer Portal management pages (see Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Servers how to operate your Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal server through our customer panel.)

Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal servers are powered off when delivered. The server will be powered on using one of the installation methods (Reinstalling your server)

Ordering Pay-as-you-go servers

Pay-as-you go servers can be ordered through our customer panel or using the LeaseWeb API. The process for adding Pay-as-you-go servers is described in Add a Pay-as-you-go server

Maximum Pay-as-you-go servers

At this moment the maximum amount of Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal servers is limited to 5 servers per customer. To extend this limit amount of servers please contact your sales representative.

LeaseWeb customers

Customers that are already subscribed with LeaseWeb can add and remove a Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal server to/from their infrastructure using the Customer Portal. How-to-order a Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Server in the Customer Portal. 

New customers

If you are not yet a LeaseWeb customer, or if you are a customer for one particular LeaseWeb entity but would like to order a Pay-as-you-go product on a different location, we welcome you to become a LeaseWeb customer for that entity also.

As a new customer, you can browse through the current offering of Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Servers on our LeaseWeb website. Under the Cloud section, you can find the Bare Metal server Pay-as-you-go information.

The website shows the models that are available at the moment and a convenient filter can help you to find a configuration that fits your needs. To proceed ordering a server, you can just signup to become a LeaseWeb customer.



New customers will have to choose for which LeaseWeb entity they would like to subscribe. Make sure to determine in which data center you like to order a Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal server, and select the correct entity for this data center. You can only select this service if you’re an existing customer for that entity.
If you are an existing customer but would like to order a server at a different location, you will need to go through the order verification process for that entity.

For example: if you wish to order a Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Server in Washington D.C. select entity as "US". This is because only US customers can order servers located in a data center in the US.

SGHong KongHKG-10
USSan FranciscoSFO-12
USWashington D.C.WDC-01


To subscribe as a customer, you have to pay a subscription fee. This fee will turn into credit as soon as the customer acceptance process is completed. This credit balance will be automatically balanced with the first invoice at the end of the following month(s).

Pay-as-you-go billing explained

If you use a Bare Metal server as a Pay-as-you-go server, you get billed for the usage per hour - that is the typical billing model of paying for the usage of a server. You are charged for the following components:

  • The price per hour for the selected server model and configuration (including rack space, data center hosting, physical security, cooling, power redundancy, and network connectivity)
  • The data traffic consumed by your instance, per GB

During usage and after usage, you will be able to look into the consumption and cost projections in the Customer portal or by using our API. Please see our Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Servers page for details.

Monthy invoices

Although Pay-as-you-go is an hourly billed product, invoices will be sent monthly as part of our regular billing process. For servers still running just before the turnover of the month, the current expenses will be invoiced. In the Overview, the date and time of last billing will be added and counters will be reset to zero to reflect the open invoice amount. 

Billing scenarios

At the end of each month, you will be invoiced for the open expenses. The different options are explained using the following scenarios:

Scenario A: Start and destroy an instance during the month

If you start and destroy an instance during a month, the total amount will be calculated and added to your invoice by the end of the month. From the moment you destroyed an instance, the cost that will be invoiced will be visible in the Pay-as-you-go Running instances by selecting the  box. 

Scenario B: Start an instance during the month

If you start an instance during a month and destroy it in the following month, the cost of usage in the current month will be invoiced at end of the current month. The costs of usage for the next month will get calculated on the invoice of the following month.

Scenario C: Started a server in the previous month and destroyed it in the current month

If you have started a server in the previous month and destroyed it in the current month, the cost of usage for the previous month would have been already added to the invoice for the previous month. The cost of usage for the current month will be invoiced at the end of the current month.

Scenario D: Started a server in the previous month and destroyed it in a following month

If you have started a server in the previous month and destroyed it sometime in the future (after the current month), the cost of usage in for the previous month would have been already added to the invoice for the previous month. The costs of usage for the current month will be invoiced at the end of the current month. The cost of usage for each month after that will be added respectively to the invoices that are generated at the end of every month.

Contract change

Pay-as-you-go services have a different price level than regular monthly or even longer contracts. If you have a running Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal server, it is possible to easily change the contract to a long term Bare Metal Server or a Dedicated Server contract. This will offer you a more interesting price model, the possibility to keep using the smoothly installed server at a good rate, and even upgrade the hardware specifications like extra disks or memory for that server. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

First hour free

A Pay-as-you-go server comes without an operating system. Our current installer needs 30 to 45 minutes to install a server. Because of this, we give this hour free of charge (excluding Bandwidth), after using the server for 2 hours or more.  

This hour will be automatically subtracted from the billing in the month the instance is started.


With Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Servers, you only pay for the amount of data traffic you have used with the server. These costs get added to the hourly price and will show on your invoice at the end of the month. In the Customer Portal, you can set notifications for bandwidth and data traffic usage for your servers to get alerted about your usage.

Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal and Private Network

While selecting your desired Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal server it is possible to filter for servers with Private Networking (Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal Servers). If you select a server with Private Networking, the private network will be enabled by default. For more information, please see the Private Networking page.

The hourly price of a Pay-as-you-go Bare Metal with Private Networking has the costs for using Private Networking included. Private Networking has a fair-use bandwidth policy.


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