Overview: Virtual Servers

The Overview page shows you all the Virtual Servers under your account. You can perform the following actions from this page: reboot, start/stop servers. You can also view data traffic consumption, manage IP addressess and check your server details.

Overview of Virtual Servers

Perform the following steps to get an overview of all the Virtual Servers assigned to you:

  1. In the menu bar, under Cloud, select "Virtual Server".

  2. The Overview page displays:

      1. You can view the following information and perform certain tasks:

        Field NameDescription
        NameDisplays the name of the server. This is assigned by LeaseWeb.
        IPv4Displays the IPv4 address of the server.
        ReferenceDisplays the customer reference (name) that you entered to identify the server easily. On the server details page the reference can be altered.
        Note: This reference is also displayed on your invoice.

        Displays the current status of the server. It mainly shows the status as either Running or Stopped.


        This column holds various actions that can be applied directly to the specified server.

        You can click this icon to start the server.
        You can click this icon to stop a running instance.
        You can click this icon to reboot your instance.
        You can click this icon to start the Virtual Console of your running instance to manage and troubleshoot the OS and your applications.

        By clicking the "Manage" button, you can view server details, manage your SSH keys, view action history, check network usage, manage firewall rules. You can also reinstall your server, access the console, create tickets, manage password, and set data traffic notifications.

        Please see here for detailed information on how to perform these tasks,