Veeam Backup

Veeam is a backup service that you can use to backup and restore your vCloud environment. Veeam Backup is currently available for our vCloud platform in NL. It can be used to create/manage backup jobs, perform restores and browse your backup files.

The Veeam backup manual explains how to log in to your account, create and manage backup jobs, restore VMs and vApps, and browse in restore points.

Logging into the Veeam Backup portal

Perform the following steps to log into the Veeam Backup portal: 

  1. Enter the following link in your browser: 

    Replace "ABCD001" with the hostingpackname of your vCloud resource pool.

    The hostingpackname needs to be in capitals.

  2. Fill in the same credentials you use to log-in to the vCloud portal.

    Username is in capitals, for instance ABC001

  3. You can view the Veeam dashboard as shown below: