New contact ID: Domains


The contact ID (also known as contact handle) designates the domain owner information that will be visible in the WHOIS information.

Perform the following steps to create a new contact ID:

  1. Under the "Domains" menu, select "Domains".

  2. The Domains overview page displays.

  3. On the left panel, click "New contact ID".
    The "Create a contact ID for domain registration" page displays.

  4. Enter the new contact information into the designated field.

    Make sure to switch on/off the "Create contact for .NL domain registration" option depending if the contact needs to be assigned to a .nl or a domain.

    For a .nl domain, the contact ID will contain "LEASE" in its name. E.g. LSW000190-LEASE

  5. Click the "Create ID" button to save the new contact ID. 
    Once the new contact ID is created, you will be directed to the "Register a new domain" section:

    Please see Registering a new domain for more information on how to register a new domain name.

Please check WHOIS Privacy. This add-on service that LeaseWeb provides for some TLDs will only show generic information in the WHOIS database, protecting the domain contact's identity.