Server Management: Software

Description From the Software Server Management Tab, you can view details about your software control panel license and Windows SPLA license. In the action panel at the bottom of the page you can perform the actions: create a ticket, use rescue mode, reinstall and powercycle a server.


Software Control Panel license details

The license agreements obtained for using Control Panel software are displayed in this section.

You can view the following information:

Column name Description
Type Displays the type of software that is licensed for your server.
IP Displays the IP where the software is licensed to.
Name Displays the name of the software license.
Key Displays the Key related to the license.

Service Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA)

If the server has a Microsoft SPLA license, it will be displayed in this section. 


In the Action panel you can perform tasks to manage your server. The actions are explained in the Server Management: Actions page.