Bandwidth notifications

Description  This page describes how to set bandwidth notifications on your Dedicated & Bare Metal Server through the Action panel in the Customer Portal.


Bandwidth notifications

You can set up notification for bandwidth usage. When this threshold is reached, you will receive notifications by email.

Why would i set up a bandwidth notification?

Setting up a bandwidth notification is a tool to get notified if an unexpected peak occurs in your bandwidth usage. 

How to set up bandwidth notifications

Perform the following steps to set the bandwidth notification for a Dedicated or Bare Metal server

  1. In the Action panel at the bottom of the page, click Bandwidth notifications. 

  2. The Notification settings for Bandwidth page displays.

  3. Enter the following values, and click Confirm.

    Field Name Description
    Limit (Mbps) Enter, in Mbps, the bandwidth limit. When this limit is reached, you will receive a notification by email.
    Send to email address Select the email address(es) where you want to receive the notification once the bandwidth limit is reached.
    Note: The email addresses assigned to this Dedicated or Bare Metal server will display. You can select multiple email addresses by holding Ctrl and selecting them.
    To Inbox Select this on/off switch if you want to receive this notification in the LeaseWeb Customer Portal Inbox (in addition to the selected email address(es)).
    Frequency Select the frequency at which you want us to check the bandwidth usage (daily, weekly, or monthly), and if it exceeds the threshold, you will receive email notifications.