Aggregated Datagraphs: Dedicated & Bare Metal Server


Aggregated Datagraphs: Bare Metal Server

Viewing Aggregated DataGraphs for a Dedicated or Bare Metal Server

The aggregated datagraph combines the bandwidth consumption of all ypur Dedicated & Bare Metal servers. This provides an estimate of the total bandwidth consumption of all your servers.

Perform the following steps to view the aggregated  Data graphs for Dedicated & Bare Metal servers:

  1. In the menu bar, under Bare Metal Servers, select Aggregated Datagraphs.
    The Aggregated Graph for Bare Metal Servers page appears showing Bandwidth activity and Data traffic activity.

To select the timespan you would like to view information about, select the start and end date in the calendar located in the top left corner of the page.

    2.  The bandwidth and datatraffic activity for the selected period of time appears in the graphs.

Bandwidth activity

The red line in the bandwidth activity graph gives an indication of the 95th percentile usage of the server.

For 95th percentile (burstable), you can have short bandwidth bursts, until you have reached the limits of your port speed. For example, if your commitment is 100 Mbps and you have a 1 Gbps port, for an average of 36 hours in the billing cycle, your bandwidth can go up to 1 Gbps without incurring any additional cost. 

Datatraffic activity

View expected usage of the current month

If you are using a data traffic billing model, you can view the expected usage of the current month. Based on this, you can predict if your server will incur a surcharge.

Field name Description

Click this icon in the top right corner of the activity graphs to download images of the graphs. Images are available in the formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG vector.

To download a report of the activity graphs, select in which format you like to receive the report: XML, CSV. Or click 'Email' to receive a through email.

To show the bandwidth and datatraffic activity for specific server. Click the 'Show traffic for' icon and select the server you would like to see the activity for.

You can perform the same tasks on individual node's bandwidth graph that you can perform on the aggregated bandwidth graph. This mainly involves viewing the 95th percentile, viewing graphs based on days or months, and downloading the bandwidth graph report in several formats.

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