Purge: CDN


With Purge, you can remove content from our CDN platform. Purge requests will be added to the purge queue and will be processed as fast as possible, delays up to 15 minutes may occur. Make sure the file on the origin has been purged to prevent re-caching.


Purging content

Perform the following steps while logged into the CDN Control Panel to purge content:

  1. In the menu bar, select "Purge".
    The Purge content page displays. 


  2. Select the Zone/CNAME from which you want to purge content. 
  3. Select if you want to purge all content or specific content.
    - If you have selected "Purge only specified content" you can add the path of the file you want to purge.

    Purging all content from a pull zone means that all items in the cache for that zone are invalidated, so all initial requests for resources in that zone will go to your origin server. This can have significant impact on your origin server and site performance, so use this option with caution.

  4. Click the "Purge content" button.