Homepage: CDN


CDN homepage provides an overview of global traffic distribution, along with statistics for live bandwidth, visitors, and graphs.

Dashboard introduction

This video briefly shows you the extensive functionality of our easy-to-use CDN control panel.


On the CDN dashboard homepage there are a few panels that give you a quick overview of CDN usages.

Traffic Map

The Traffic Map panel contains a heatmap that displays the usage of the CDN zones across the globe. The higher values are mapped to a darker color than the lower values. This way you can easily see where most of the hits to the CDN zones are comming from.
It is also possible to see our PoPs on the map by checking the "Display PoPs" checkbox.


The Visitors panel contains a table that displays the top 10 countries that are producing the most hits to the CDN zones. You can click 'View more' to see the whole list.

Live Bandwidth

The Live Bandwidth panel displays the current bandwidth consumption for the CDN zones. The data displayed is a 5 minute average, of the bandwidth used, in Mbit/s

Traffic Volume

The Traffic Volume panel displays the data traffic used for the current month for the CDN zones.


The Hits panel displays the total hits for the current month for the CDN zones.

Cache Offload

The Cache Offload panel displays the percentage of data that was cached by our CDN.

Monthly Traffic

The Monthly Traffic panel contains a bar chart representation of the daily traffic consumption in bytes and SSL bytes for the current month.