CDN Control Panel Manual

The CDN Manual explains how to navigate through the following screens and perform relevant tasks: 

Logging into the CDN Control Panel

Perform the following steps to log in to the CDN Control Panel:

  1. Log in to the LeaseWeb Customer Portal using your customer number and password.
  2. In the menu bar, select "CDN". 
    From the drop-down list, select CDN.
  3. In the footer, select "Control Panel" under "CDN".

  4. The CDN Control Panel page displays. 

  5. Click the "Launch CDN Control Panel" button.
    The login screen for the CDN Control Panel displays. 

  6. Verify the user name and enter the password (same password that was used to log in to the LeaseWeb Customer Portal), and click the "Login" button.

Users registered before May 2016 need to use customer number without "CDN" part to login.

Users registered after May 2016 need to use email address to login.